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United States Presidential election, 1984 (Napoleon's World)

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1980 Flag of the United States 1988
United States Presidential election, 1984
November 1984
Shannon3 Joseph R Clausen
Candidate Elizabeth Shannon Joseph R. Clausen
Party National Democratic
Running mate Robert Redford Nicholas Angerrard
Electoral vote XX XX

The 1984 United States Presidential election was a contest between incumbent President Elizabeth Shannon of the National Party and Texas Senator Joseph Randall Clausen of the Democratic Party. Shannon was narrowly elected over Clausen, despite not carrying a majority of the popular vote. It marked the first incumbent to be re-elected since 1968, and the first time since 1940 when a candidate won an election without a majority of the popular vote, and the first time that an incumbent winning reelection did so with a lower share of the popular vote than in their prior contest.

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