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United States presidential election, 1972
November 7, 1972
Hubert Humphrey CDM 150px
Nominee Hubert Humphrey George Romney
Party Socialist Democrat
Home state Minnesota Michigan
Running mate Ed Muskie Thomas Kuchel
States carried 29 + DC 4
Percentage 59.4% 39.9
US 1972 Electoral Map CDM
Yellow denotes states won by Humphrey-Muskie; Yellow denotes states won by Romney-Kuchel
President before election
Hubert H. Humphrey
Elected President
Hubert Humphrey

The 1972 United States Presidential election was contested on November 7, 1972 to elect a President of the United States. At the height of his popularity, incumbent President Hubert Humphrey of Minnesota, a Socialist, defeated former Democratic Governor George W. Romney of Michigan in a landslide. No Socialist, as of 2013, has reached a margin of victory in either the electoral college or popular vote as great as Humphrey's.

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