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United States presidential election, 1968
November 5, 1968
100px Hubert Humphrey Richard Nixon
Nominee George Wallace Hubert Humphrey Richard Nixon
Party Independent Democrat Republican
Home state Alabama Minnesota New York
Running mate Curtis LeMay Edmond Muskie Winthrop Rockefeller
Electoral vote 189 180 169
States carried 18 16+DC 16
Presidential election results map
President before election
Lyndon B Johnson
Elected President
George Wallace

The United States Presidential Election of 1968 was the 46th quadrennial presidential election, held on Tuesday, November 5, 1968. It was won by Alabama Governor George Wallace. This election marks the first time that an independent has won an election. The election also marks the first time a democrat or a republican has not won an election since Whig party member Zachary Taylor won his election in 1848.