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United States Presidential election, 1968
November 1968
Candidate Richard Van Dyke Andrew McCarty
Party National Democrat
Running mate Thomas K. Heaps Betty Davis

The United States Presidential election of 1968 was the 46th quadrenniel United States presidential election. Four years after his surprising and unexpected - and extremely narrow and controversial - electoral victory, incumbent Nationalist President Richard Van Dyke faced Democratic challenger Andrew McCarty. Despite signs that the economy would soon enter recession, Van Dyke's personal popularity, his selection of social conservative favorite Thomas Heaps as his running mate and a variety of missteps by the McCarty campaign - including his polarizing choice of Betty Davis as the first-ever female candidate on a major-party ticket - led to Van Dyke's landslide reelection victory.

The election was seen as a continuance of the aligning trend that had been apparent since the 1940's, with the Nationalists defending civil rights reform for minorities and women while beginning to adopt more socially conservative policies hand-in-hand with their adherence to fiscally conservative ideals and championing of a stronger national defense. The election is regarded as the pinnacle of National Party might in the 20th century.