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United States Presidential election, 1952
November 4, 1952
Russell Thomas E. Dewey
Candidate Richard Russell Thomas E. Dewey
Party Democrat National
Running mate Simon Stewart Harold Stassen
Electoral vote 348 260
1952 Election NW
Blue denotes Russell/Stewart, Red denotes Dewey/Stassen

The United States Presidential election of 1952 was held on November 4, 1952, pitting Vice President Thomas E. Dewey of New York against Democratic Senator Richard Russell of Georgia. In an upset victory, Russell defeated the favored Dewey thanks in part to his fairly moderate economic platform, his rhetoric against the recession and foreign policy engagements pursued by the outgoing Bush administration, and his ability to take advantage of a lackluster and unfocused campaign by Dewey. Russell's victory, while comparatively narrow, made inroads in states such as Pennsylvania and the major industrial Midwestern states that Nationalists had dominated for over two decades.