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United States presidential recall election, 2010
November 2, 2010
Dennis kucinich Bush jeb
Nominee Dennis Kucinich Jeb Bush
Party Socialist Conservative
Home state Ohio Florida
Running mate Paul Wellstone Jim DeMint
Electoral vote 273 158
Popular vote 83,112,557 32,499,711
Percentage 59.3 41.5

The United States Presidential Recall Election, 2010, was a democratic election held by the United States of America to decide who would finish the remaining two years on President Sarah Palin's first term.

President Palin was impeached two months before the recall election, due to her order of the Conservative Parties of Delaware, Arkansas and Florida to bribe election officials into destroying ballots that went for Dennis Kucinich/Paul Wellstone and Harry Reid/Charlie Crist in those states. If the uncounted ballots were counted, Dennis Kucinich would've won all three states, and the presidency.

Because this is the first time there was a presidential recall election (the bill had been passed unnoticed under President Bob Dole), and the constitution didn't mandate when Kucinich could take office, the interim president, Sam Brownback, declared inauguration day two weeks after election day in the case of a presidential recall election. Kucinich was inaugurated November 16, 2010.


Socialist Party

The Socialists were expected to nominate Dennis Kucinich and Paul Wellstone again, and did, to absolutely no one's surprise. Kucinich and Wellstone faced only token opposition.

Congressman Dennis Kucinich, Ohio

Senator Paul Wellstone, Minnesota

Senator Barack Obama, Illinois

Senator Hillary Clinton, New York

Congressman Anthony Weiner, New York

Senator Sherrod Brown, Ohio

The renomination of Kucinich and Wellstone surprised absolutely nobody. Barack Obama was perceived to be the only one who could knock Kucinich off, and almost did. Sherrod Brown, Anthony Weiner and Eric Massa stood in as token support, while Clinton agreed to be Obama's running mate if he was nominated.

Conservative Party

The Conservatives were not expecting to win the election, and their primary was far from heated.

Fmr. Governor and Vice President Jeb Bush, Florida

Senator Jim DeMint, South Carolina

Mayor Rudy Giuliani, New York

Congresswoman Michelle Bachmann, Minnesota

Congressman Ron Paul, Texas

Senator Mitch McConell, Kentucky

Senator Jim Inhofe, Oklahoma

Congressman John Boehner, Ohio

The Conservatives nominated established politician Jeb Bush of Florida, along with polarizing Senator Jim DeMint of South Carolina. DeMint is famous for his homophobic and misogynist remarks, and is expected to bring Bush down.

Moderate Party

The Moderates are not expecting much. They wanted to renominate Harry Reid of Nevada, but he declined.

Senator Evan Bayh, Indiana

Senator Mary Landrieu, Louisiana

Governor Christine Todd Whitman, New Jersey

Governor Bill Richardson*, New Mexico

Mayor Michael Bloomberg, New York

Fmr. Congressman Joe Scarborough, Florida

Senator Lisa Murkowski, Alaska

  • Richardson had switched his party from Socialist to Moderate in 2009.

The Moderates were hoping to capitalize on disillusioned Conservatives who disapproved of Palin's dirty tricks. They didn't, as most Conservatives still voted for Bush/DeMint because the thought of another Socialist president "scared" them.

Recent Moderate-convert Bill Richardson tried for the nomination, along with '08 runner Christine Todd Whitman. Joe Biden, who was also a recent Moderate-convert (albeit very liberal on social issues) vied for the nomination, as well as former congressman and political talk-show host Joe Scarborough. Biden announced that Scarborough would've been his running mate had he been nominated.


Most polls and projections had the beleaguered Conservatives losing handedly to Kucinich/Wellstone, and they were right. The scandalized Conservatives were beaten handedly, even with the seemingly strong Jeb Bush leading the party. The Conservative's VP candidate Jim DeMint made several gaffes along the campaign trail, even going so far to say that former President Palin was "right" in forcing Conservatives to bribe election officials.

The Moderates didn't fair much better than they did in 2008, as Evan Bayh and Mary Landrieu were labeled as senatorial flip-floppers.

Kucinich/Wellstone were able to pull disillusioned Conservatives over to the Socialists, as they were able to pull over three traditionally Conservative states: West Virginia, Louisiana and Virginia, as well as winning that states that Palin "forced" to go her way; Delaware, Florida and Arkansas. Arkansas was also a traditionally Conservative state.

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