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United States presidential election, 2004
November 2, 2004
Mike Huckabee official portrait Joe Biden
Nominee Mike Huckabee Joe Biden
Party Conservative Socialist
Home state Arkansas Delaware
Running mate George W. Bush Wesley Clark
Electoral vote 283 148
Popular vote 53,109,521 32,499,704
Percentage 58.3 43.7

The United States Presidential Election, 2004 was a democratic election held in the year 2004 to decide the president of the United States for the next four years. Running for a full term was Conservative candidate Mike Huckabee of Arkansas and his vice president George W. Bush, former Governor of Texas, despite being born in Connecticut. Bush left the job of Vice Presidency before even being inaugurated to the office, in December. Bush's brother, Governor Jeb Bush of Florida, replaced George as Vice President under Huckabee.

The Socialist-Moderate candidates (The Socialist Party and Moderate Party ran another unified Presidential ticket) were Senator Joe Biden of Delaware, and General Wesley Clark of Arkansas.

Mike Huckabee ascended to the Presidency after Dick Cheney died of a heart attack in October of 2003. Huckabee's approval ratings were high entering the election, and most people predicted his election to a full term.


Bold denotes the party's nominees.

Socialists and Moderates

The Socialists were going through the motions, all but knowing that President Huckabee was going to be re-elected, especially just after President Cheney's death. The Moderates tagged on, content with endorsing who the Socialists nominated.

Senator Joe Biden, Delaware

General Wesley Clark, Arkansas

Senator Chuck Schumer, New York

Senator Carol Moseley Braun, Illinois


The Conservatives were doing well entering the election, and weren't even primaried. The real question was, who would be Huckabee's Vice Presdient. Huckabee didn't have a Vice President from when he ascended to the presidency, and he chose Governor George W. Bush of Texas to be his Vice President. Bush accepted, but following their election, resigned from the post in December. Bush was replaced with his own brother, Governor Jeb Bush of Florida.

President Mike Huckabee, Arkansas

Governor George W. Bush, Texas*

  • Governor G.W. Bush was replaced by Governor Jeb Bush in December of 2004.


It was long before the major networks called the election for Huckabee/Bush. Biden/Clark would've been more surprised if they had won the Presidential election.

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