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2000, United States Presidential Election
November 8, 2000
Al Gore, Vice President of the United States, official portrait 1994 GeorgeWBush Ralph Nader
Nominee Al Gore George W. Bush Ralph Nader
Party Democratic Party Republican Party Green Party
Home state Tennesse Texas Connecticut
Running mate Joe Lieberman Dick Cheney Winona LaDuke
Electoral vote 275 (+1) 254 3
States carried 23 27 + DC 1
Popular vote 44,564,785 39,235,678 8,256,145
Percentage 51.26 44.34 4.56
Harry Browne EUS
Nominee Harry Browne
Party Libertarian Party

Home state Tennessee
Running mate Art Olivier
Electoral vote 0
States carried 0
Popular vote 535,561
Percentage 0.45 or 0.46
ElectoralCollege2000 (EUS)
President before election
Bill Clinton
Democratic Party
Elected President
George W. Bush
Republican Party

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