The 1996 United States Presidential Election was held on Tuesday, November 5, 1996. It featured four major candidates running for the presidency: Reform Party nominee and president Ross Perot of Texas, Libertarian Party nominee Senator Arlen Specter of Pennsylvania, Democratic Governor Robert P. Casey of Pennsylvania and Republican ,Senator Bob Dole of Kansas.

Due to health issues, campaign miscues, and a poor foreign policy, Perot was unable to run an effective campaign like in 1992. Specter was able to convince enough Perot supporters to leave and vote for him. Republicans and Democrats were not able to get over their embarrassing loss to Ross Perot, a third party candidate, in 1992. Thus Arlen Specter won and became the first and so far only Libertarian president. This is the second presidential election in which a third party candidate won.


Nominee Party Home State States Won E. Vote* Percent
Ross Perot Reform Texas 13 124 23%
Arlen Specter Libertarian Pennsylvania 28 362 67.2%
Robert P. Casey Democratic Pennsylvania 2+DC+ME1stCD 12 2.2%
Bob Dole Republican Kansas 7+NE2ndCD 40 7.4%

*Electoral Vote

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