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United States Presidential Election 1996
November 7, 1996
Turnout 112,025,622
Laurance Rockefeller Alan J. Ramirez 220px-Petedupont
Nominee Laurance Rockefeller Alan J. Ramirez Pierre S. du Pont IV
Party Progressive Republican Democrat
Home state New York Alabama New Jersey
Running mate Charles Browne Wallace Harold Brown R. J. Reynolds II
Electoral vote 326 165 46
Popular vote 54,181,764 34,676,891 21,043,564
Percentage 48.37% 30.95% 18.79%
Stewart O. Prelinger
Nominee Stewart O. Prelinger
Party Independent

Home state Texas
Running mate Donald J. Crawford
Electoral vote 3
Popular vote 2,123,405
Percentage 1.89%

The United States presidential election of 1996 had four major candidates: Incumbent President Laurance Rockefeller; Republican millionaire and plantation owner Alan J. Ramirez, Democratic New Jersey Senator Pierre S. du Pont IV, and independent business man Stewart O. Prelinger.

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