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United States Presidential Election, 1992 (Papa Mac)

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1988 Flag of the United States 1996
United States presidential election, 1992
November 8, 1988
Bobkerrey 220px-Newt Gingrich by Gage Skidmore 6
Nominee Bob Kerrey Newton Gingrich
Party Populist Conservative
Home state Nebraska Georgia
Running mate Mario Cuomo Patrick Buchanan
Electoral vote 310 160
States carried 31 17
Percentage 54.1% 46.6%

The United States presidential election of 1992 was the 51st quadrennial presidential election, held on Tuesday, November 2, 1992. Populist Bob Kerrey, a popular hero of the Revolution and a Senator from Nebraska, defeated President Newton Gingrich in the latter's reelection attempt.

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