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United States presidential election, 1984
November 6, 1984
Bob Dole, PCCWW photo portrait Hart
Nominee Bob Dole Gary Hart
Party Christian Democrat Socialist
Home state Kansas Colorado
Running mate John Connally Walter Mondale
Electoral vote 272 266
Popular vote 28,109,221 27,907,222
Percentage 50.88 49.22
The United States presidential election, 1984 was a democratic election held in the United States to decide the nation's head of government and head of state. It was the final election in the United States' history before the Secessions of 1986.

The incumbent Christian Democrat Bob Dole, of Kansas, was challenged by Socialist Gary Hart, Senator of Colorado. The Progressives and Moderates endorsed Hart.

After the input of "Reaganomics" in 1983 (after taking advice from former B-Movie actor Ronald Reagan, who had attempted to run for Governor of California in the 1970s, and had moved to Nevada in 1987 after the founding of the Republic of the Pacific) the Progressive Party and Socialist Party decided to propose a deal to the Moderate Party: Help them try to stifle "Reaganomics" in congress, and the two most moderate Socialists - Walter Mondale and Gary Hart - would be the Socialists' nominees in 1984. The Moderates accepted.

The Vice Presidential candidates were incumbent Christian Democrat John Connally, former Governor of Texas, and Senator Walter Mondale of Minnesota. Connally was and Mondale were seen as more centrist than their running mates.

Despite the Islamic Revolution in Iran starting early in Dole's presidency (1981) which resulted in Americans being killed at the American embassy to Iran, Dole's image (despite initially falling) was able to perservere.

This was the final presidential election including the American regions of New England and the West Coast, before their secessions in 1986.


Bold denotes party nominee

Socialist Party

Senator Gary Hart, Colorado

Former Senator Walter Mondale, Minnesota

Senator John Glenn, Ohio

Former Governor Reubin Askew, Florida

Senator Alan Cranston, California

Hart faced only token oppoistion in the Socialist primary, as the Socialist-Progressive-Moderate deal was carried through.

Christian Democratic Party

President Bob Dole, Kansas

Vice President John Connally, Texas

Ben Fernandez, California


After the implementation of "Reaganomics" in 1983, corporations through tons of money at Dole's reelection campaign, especially in key districts and counties.

Throughout the election, Dole won narrow victories, or Hart won landslides. Through it all, Dole's narrow victories overran Hart's landslides, and Dole was able to get four more years.

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