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United States presidential election, 1976
November 2, 1976
Tedkennedy1980 John Connally
Nominee Ted Kennedy John Connally
Party Democrat Republican
Home state Massachusetts Texas
Running mate Jimmy Carter Ronald Reagan
Electoral vote 289 249
States carried 30+D.C 20
Percentage 49.2% 48.7%
Genusmap 1976
Presidential election results map. Red denotes states won by Connally/Baker (20), Blue denotes those won by Kennedy/Bumpers (30+D.C.)
President before election
Richard Nixon
Republican Party
Elected President
Edward Kennedy
Democratic Party

The United States presidential election of 1976 was the 49th quadrennial United States presidential election. It was held on November 2, 1976. It pitted Vice President John Connally, the Republican candidate, against Massachusetts Senator Edward M. Kennedy, the Democratic candidate. Connally was saddled with a slow economy but benefited from the recent end of the Vietnam War. Kennedy ran as a strong idealist, proposing wide-ranging domestic reforms.

In the end, Kennedy was elected president by a very narrow margin, managing to carry enough Eastern and Southern States to provide an electoral majority.