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United States presidential election, 1960
November 8, 1960
J Edgar Hoover Pat McCarran
Nominee John Hoover Pat McCarran
Party Republican Democratic
Home state Maryland Nevada
Running mate Richard Nixon Robert Kennedy
Electoral vote 462 69
States carried 40 8
Percentage 65.1% 40.5

The United States presidential election of 1960 was the 44th quadrennial presidential election, held on Tuesday, November 8, 1960. Republican nominee John Hoover, head of President MacArthur's Internal Investigative Service, defeated Democratic nominee Pat McCarran.

MacArthur's 1959 death left Vice President John M. Butler in charge of the country. An arrangement between he and IIS Director Hoover was set up for the pair to switch jobs after Hoover standing for the presidency in the 1960 election; Butler agreed, and the plan succeeded, with Hoover taking over as president and Butler taking over as Director of the Internal Investigative Service.

The candidacy of Democratic Senator Pat McCarran was seen as a sham by many, as McCarran had been a frequent cross-party ally of MacArthur and Hoover's. However, by the summer of 1960, McCarran had begun to surge in the polls, even leading in a few by August. After embracing the role of presidential candidate, and campaigning earnestly against Hoover, McCarran was found dead, on September 9, of an apparent suicide. McCarran's name remained on the ballot with running mate Robert Kennedy, but the ticket lost firmly.