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United States presidential election, 1952
November 4, 1952
MacArthur56 WmODouglas69
Nominee Douglas MacArthur William O. Douglas
Party Republican Democratic
Home state New York Washington
Running mate Robert Taft Henry Wallace
Electoral vote 525 6
States carried 47 1
Percentage 60.1% 42.8%

The United States presidential election of 1952 was the 42nd quadrennial presidential election, held on Tuesday, November 4, 1952. Republican incumbent Douglas MacArthur was re-elected against Supreme Court Justice William O. Douglas, the Democratic nominee, in the biggest landslide in electoral history.

The 1950 Treaty of Berlin, allying the US with German Chancellor Hermann Göring against the Soviet Union and the Empire of Japan after the falling out between Japan and Germany and the subsequent partnership of Hirohito and Stalin, the total destruction of Britain and France by the German military, and the death of Chancellor Adolph Hitler, had proven extremely popular among voters.