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United States presidential election, 1940
November 3, 1936
Herbert Clark Hoover AlfredSmith
Nominee Herbert Hoover Al Smith
Party Republican Democratic
Home state California New York
Running mate Thomas E. Dewey William B. Bankhead
Electoral vote 303 228
States carried 28 20
Percentage 49.6% 47.5%

The United States presidential election of 1940 was the 39th quadrennial presidential election, held on Tuesday, November 3, 1940. Former president Herbert Hoover, the Republican nominee, defeated Al Smith, the Democratic nominee.

This election was notable as a rematch of the 1928 election between Hoover and Smith, as well as the second time (after Grover Cleveland) that a president was elected to non-consecutive terms.

After Garner's second term was spent doing what many saw as absolutely nothing, Hoover announced his intention to run for president again on a progressive, technocratic platform, one that essentially amounted entirely to an anti-Garner campaign, which, at the time, was proving exceedingly popular. On the Democratic side, facing plummeting poll numbers and war in Europe, Garner announced that he would not run for a third term. Vice President Samuel Pettingill began as the front runner, until former Democratic nominee and former New York Governor Al Smith began campaigning on a populist platform, which, like Hoover, ran against Garner. Smith was nominated by a wide margin.

Both candidates were focused on domestic issues and silent on war. Hoover's experience and pro-business ideas ultimately won over the voters, who elected him by a wide margin.