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United States presidential election, 1936
November 3, 1936
506px-John Nance Garner Williame Borah
Nominee John Nance Garner William Borah
Party Democratic Republican
Home state Texas Idaho
Running mate Samuel B. Pettingill Alf Landon
Electoral vote 442 89
States carried 39 9
Percentage 55.2% 44.3%

The United States presidential election of 1936 was the 38th quadrennial presidential election, held on Tuesday, November 3, 1936. Incumbent John Nance Garner, the Democratic nominee, defeated William Borah, the Republican nominee.

After President-elect Franklin D. Roosevelt's assassination in 1933, there were calls by many, including then President Hoover, for a special election, rather than immediate an swearing-in of Vice President-elect Garner. Garner himself was rumored to support a special election, and Hoover signed an executive order mandating it. However, Congress overruled the executive order and named Garner president. Furious, Hoover spent Garner's first term as a staunch opponent, and, after quelling rumors of his own run, campaigned furiously for William Borah.

Garner's first term was marked by a slow activist state. Garner had pledged to follow Roosevelt's ideas, but implemented them much more slowly than Roosevelt had planned. The Depression's recovery by 1936 was slow-going, but not so much that Garner's reelection was ever really in question.