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United States Presidential Election, 1924
November 4, 1924
Lenin CL Calvin Coolidge
Nominee Vladimir Lenin Calvin Coolidge
Party Communist Republican
Home state New York Massachusetts
Running mate William Foster Charles Dawes
Electoral vote 254 128
States carried 19 16
Popular vote 11,958,910 10,300,375
Percentage 41.1% 35.4%
457px-John William Davis Robert Mariton La Follette, Sr
Nominee John Davis Robert La Follette
Party Democratic Progressive
Home state West Virginia Wisconsin
Running mate Charles Bryan Burton Wheeler
Electoral vote 136 13
States carried 12 1
Popular vote 4,917,411 1,891,311
Percentage 16.9% 6.5%
Presidential election results map. Red states voted for Lenin. Light Red states voted for Coolidge. Blue states voted for Davis. Green states voted for La Follette.
President before election
Warren Harding
Elected President
Vladimir Lenin

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