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United States Presidential Election, 1916 (Reign of Roosevelt)

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This is the Election of 1916 in Reign of Roosevelt.

The Election

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United States Presidential election, 1916
November 7, 1916
T Roosevelt TR Marshall CEH
Nominee Theodore Roosevelt Thomas R. Marshall Charles Evan Hughes
Party Progressive Democrat Republican
Home state New York Indiana New York
Running mate Hiram Johnson Oscar Underwood Charles W. Fairbanks
Electoral vote 439 79 0
States carried 41 7 0
Popular vote 7543467 3212563
Percentage 43% 25%

Democratic Party

The Democratic Party had two major nominees this year following its defeat in 1912 to the Socialist and Progressive Parties.

Marshall won on the sixth ballot, choosing Oscar Underwood as his Vice Presidential Candidate, thus ending the life of the Dixiecrat Party.

Republican Party

The Republican Party had two major nominees for President due to the fact that many of its members were migrating to the Progressive Party.

Hughes won and took Fairbanks as his Vice Presidential nominee. The group failed to win any states.

Progressive Party

The Progressive Party had two major nominees this year.

Roosevelt won on the second ballot. His Vice-President Hiram Johnson was re-nominated with no opposition.

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