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United States Presidential Election, 1912 (Reign of Roosevelt)

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Reign of Roosevelt

US Election, 1912: Former President Theodore Roosevelt is rendered victorious!

The Election

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United States Presidential election, 1912
November 4, 1912
T Roosevelt Debs Wilson
Nominee Theodore Roosevelt Eugene V. Debs Woodrow Wilson
Party Progressive Socialist Democrat
Home state New York Indiana Virginia-New Jersey
Running mate Hiram Johnson Emil Seidel None
Electoral vote 435 82 6
States carried 40 5 1
Popular vote 6296284 4118059 4662
Percentage 41% 25% 5%
Oscunderwood WHTaft WJBryan
Nominee Oscar Underwood William Howard Taft William Jennings Bryan
Party Dixiecrat Republican Populist
Home state Alabama Ohio Nebraska
Running mate Olly M. James None Eugene W. Chafin
Electoral vote 4 4 8
States carried 1 1 1
Popular vote 3065242 42100 3065242
Percentage 8% 8% 1.4%

This Election proved as the most highly contested election in US history and also the one with the most candidates for President. This Election also marked the first time the major parties did not come first or second in the voting process.

Democratic Party

There were four major nominees for President from this party.

After much balloting, the party split. The only remaining nominees were Woodrow Wilson and Thomas R. Marshall. In the 26th ballot, Wilson won and chose Marshall as his Vice Presidential Nominee.

Byran went off to the Renewed Populist Party of America while Underwood went to the Southern States' Rights Party, and Clark to the American People's Party.

Republican Party

There were three major nominees for President.

This party split as well. Incumbent President William Howard Taft of Ohio won the nomination. He lost badly, however, since he scored fourth, being defeated by two minor party candidates and one major one.

Roosevelt went and founded the Progressive Party, which eventually had the Republican Party consumed into it, although the Republican Party had nominees in future elections, none of whom who won.

La Follette joined the Progressive Party as well, thus ending the competition for Republican nomination.

Socialist Party

There was one nominee from the Socialist Party, being Eugene V. Debs, who ran every election.

Debs placed second in the Election due to splits in other parties.

Progressive Party

The Progressive Party met after splitting from the Republican Party.

Roosevelt won on the fourth ballot. He chose Hiram Johnson as his running mate.

Dixiecrat Party

The Dixiecrat Party (officially the Southen States' Rights Party) was one of the breakaway parties from the Democratic Party.

Oscar Underwood naturally won the nomination. He chose Olly M. James as his Vice President.

Populist Party

The Populist Party was revived from the previous incarnation of it, this time under the leadership of William Jennings Bryan.

Bryan won the nomination and he chose Eugene W. Chafin for his Vice President, although Chafin was from the Prohibition.

American People's Party

This Party was another spinoff from the Democratic Party. It consisted of Champ Clark and his faction of Democrats.

Clark won the nomination unopposed.

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