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United States Presidential Election, 1816 (Federation of Nations)

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The 1816 United States Presidential Election was the first election held under the Thirteenth Amendment which limited U.S. presidents to one consecutive term. In This election Democratic-Republican James Monroe defeated Federalist Rufus King.


Democratic-Republican party nomination

Democratic-Republican candidates

  • William Harris Crawford, U.S. Secretary of War from Georgia
  • James Monroe, U.S. Prime minister from Virginia
  • Daniel D. Tompkins, Governor of New York

Monroe was seen as the front-runner, however, Crawford proved a more formidable challange than exspected and it took Monroe two ballots to secure victory. Tompkins was nominated for vice president over Pennsylvania Governor Simon Snyder.

1816 Democratic-Republican Caucus

Presidential ballot 1 2 Vice-presidential ballot 1
James Monroe 58 69 Daniel D. Tompkins 80
William Harris Crawford 55 58 Simon Snyder 49
Daniel D. Tompkins 16 2

Federalist party nomination

Federalist candidates

  • Rufus King, U.S. senator and 1810 presidential nominee from New York

The Federalists were so weakened by their opposision to the Anglo-American War that they did not conviene a nomination caucus. Instead King stood as a de facto nominee.

General election

In spite of the growing unpopularity of President Madison, Monroe, running on a pledge to bring about an Era of Good Feelings defeated King in a landslide.


Presidential candidate Party Home state Popular vote Electoral vote Running mate Running mate's home state Runnig mate's electoral vote
James Monroe Democratic-Republican Virginia 70,723 (58.1%) 196 Daniel D. Tompkins New York 196
Rufus King Federalist New York 51,127 (39.7%) 34 John E. Howard
James Ross
John Marshall
Robert G. Harper
(unpledged electors) - - 1,486 (1.2%) - - - -
Total - - 123,536 (100.0%) 230 - - 230

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