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United States Presidential Election, 1808
November 4 – December 7, 1808
Alexander Hamilton portrait by John Trumbull 1806 493px-James Madison
Nominee Alexander Hamilton James Madison
Party Federalist Democratic-Republican
Home state New York Virginia
Running mate James A. Bayard Albert Gallatin
Electoral vote 100 75
States carried 10 7
Popular vote 52.7% 47.3%
U.S. Electoral College 1808 (Hamilton Lives)
Presidential election results map.
President before election
Alexander Hamilton


Democratic-Republican Party

Presidential Candidates

  • James Madison (Virginia), Secretary of State
  • James Monroe (Virginia), US Minister to the United Kingdom
  • George Clinton (New York), Vice President of the United States

Vice Presidential Candidates

  • Albert Gallatin (New York), Secretary of the Treasury
  • John Langdon (New Hampshire), Governor of New Hampshire
  • Henry Dearborn (New York), Secretary of War


Presidential Ballot Votes Vice Presidential Ballot Votes
James Madison 68 Albert Gallatin 62
George Clinton 17 John Langdon 23
James Monroe 4 Henry Dearborn 3

Federalist Party

Presidential Caucus

  • Alexander Hamilton (New York), Representative from New York

Vice Presidential Caucus

  • James A. Bayard (Delaware), United States Senator
  • Charles C. Pinckney (South Carolina), US Minister to France
  • Timothy Pickering (Massachusetts), United States Senator
Presidential Ballot Votes Vice Presidential Ballot Votes
Alexander Hamilton 58 James A. Bayard 38
Charles C. Pinckney 11
Timothy Pickering 8

General Election


One of the main points of contention was the Embargo Act, which saw much opposition from the Federalist Party. Albert Gallatin failed to appeal to New York, as Hamilton had enough of a following, especially among the newspapers. After extensive propaganda in the key swing state of Pennsylvania, Hamilton managed to win. His Vice Presidential candidate, James A. Bayard, also brought him the swing state of Delaware.


Hamilton won the election, 100-75. Hamilton won the states of Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Vermont, Rhode Island, Delaware, and New York. He won 14 of the 20 electoral votes in Pennsylvania, 8 of the 11 electoral votes in Maryland, and 5 of the 8 electoral votes in New Jersey. He also won six electoral votes in North Carolina, but did not win the state. The rest of the votes were won by Madison.