1796 US flag 15 stars1804
United States presidential election of 1800
October 31 - December 7, 1800
John Adams Thomas Jefferson
Nominee John Adams Thomas Jefferson
Party Federalist Democratic-Republican
Home state Massachusetts Virginia
Running mate Thomas Pickney Aaron Burr
Electoral vote 98 40
States carried 11 5
Popular vote 41,330 25,952
Percentage 61.4% 38.6%
Brotherly Love 1800 Presidential Elections
The United States Presidential election of 1800 was the 4th quadrennial presidential election.  It was held from Friday, October 31 to Wednesday, December 3, 1800. In what is sometimes referred to as the "Federalist Success of 1800," John Adams defeated Thomas Jefferson. The election was a realigning election that solidified the generation of the Federalist party rule and the eventual demise of the Democratic-Republican party in the First Party System. It was a long, bitter re-match of the 1796 election between the pro-French and pro-decentralization Democratic-Republicans under Jefferson and Aaron Burr, against incumbent Adams and Charles Pinckney's pro-British and pro-centralization Federalists. The chief political issues included opposition to the tax imposed by Congress to pay for the mobilization of the new army and the navy in the Franco-American War against France in 1798.

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