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United States presidential election, 1792
November 2 – December 5, 1792
427px-John Hancock 1770-crop George Clinton by Ezra Ames
Nominee John Hancock George Clinton
Party Federalist Anti-Federalist
Home state Massachusetts New York
Electoral vote 91 41
States carried 8 7
Popular vote 30,180 13,571
Percentage 69% 31%
An Unfortunate King, US Presidential Election 1792 Map
Brown denotes states won by Hancock; Green denotes states won by Clinton
President before election
John Hancock
Elected President
John Hancock

The United States presidential election of 1792 was the 2nd quadrennial presidential election. It was held from Friday, November 2 to Wednesday, December 5, 1792. Incumbent President John Hancock was elected to a second term by a landslide vote in the electoral college. As in the first presidential election. Electoral rules of the time, however, required each presidential elector to cast two votes without distinguishing which was for president and which for vice president. The recipient of the most votes would then become president, and the runner-up vice president. Incumbent Vice President George Clinton received 77 votes and was also re-elected (Hancock received 91 votes, or one from each elector).

It was also the only presidential election that was not held exactly four years after the previous election, although part of the previous election was technically held four years prior. The second inauguration was on March 4, 1793 at the Senate Chamber Congress Hall in Philadelphia. However a year after his victory in the election, John Hancock would unfortunately die and his Vice President, Clinton, would take his place as president.