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1998 United States 2002
United States House of Representatives elections, 2000
All 435 seats to the United States House of Representatives
November 7, 2000
Majority party Minority party
Dennis Hastert Dick Gephardt2
Leader Dennis Hastert Dick Gephardt
Party Republican Democratic
Leader's seat Illinois-14th Missouri-3rd
Last election 223 seats 211 seats
Seats won 221 212
Seat change -2 +1
Popular vote 46,750,175 46,411,559
Percentage 47.3% 47.0%
Swing -0.7% -0.1%

Previous Speaker
Dennis Hastert

Dennis Hastert

The elections for the United States House of Representatives in 2000 coincided with the disputed election of George W. Bush as President. The Republican Party narrowly lost seats to the Democratic Party, reducing their majority slightly to a bare nine seats.

This marked the third time in a row that Democrats gained on the majority Republicans.

This was the last congressional election that chose members from districts drawn based on the 1990 census.

Overall results

107 us house membership

  80.1-100% Republican
  80.1-100% Democratic
  60.1-80% Republican
  60.1-80% Democratic
  50.1-60% Republican
  50.1-60% Democratic
  100% Independent
House seats by party holding plurality in state

107 us house changes

  6+ Republican gain
  6+ Democratic gain
  3-5 Republican gain
  3-5 Democratic gain
  1-2 Republican gain
  1-2 Democratic gain
  no net change
  1-2 Independent gain

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