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United States Gubernatorial election, 1845
William Henry Harrison, 1835 MartinVanBuren
William Henry Harrison Martin van Buren
Whig Democratic
Ohio New York
34 12
1,275,390 1,128,854
52.9% 46.8%

The United States Gubernatorial election of June 1845 was held throughout June of 1845. The race was between the chancellor, at the time of Jackson's death, Martin Van Buren, and Whig war hero William Henry Harrison. The Nation again chose a military man, though less unanimously that the electoral college tally may lead some to believe.


The campaign was one of the first to employ several modern techniques. It was characterized by mudslinging on both candidates parts, though Harrison showed better to absorb criticism than his opponent. Van Buren was painted as an aristocrat too accustomed from Washington, while Van Buren's accusations that Harrison was something of a "Hick" actually served to improve his reputation with much of the country. Unfortunately, Harrison died of pneumonia only one month after taking office; this he had contracted during his many-hour long inaugural dress in the rain. Harrison was 72, at the time the oldest persident ever upon entering office.

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