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United States presidential election, 1872
November 5th, 1872
Horatio Seymour - Brady-Handysmall 172px-HoraceGreeley 174px-UlyssesGrant
Nominee Horatio Seymour Horace Greeley Ulysses S. Grant
Party Democratic Liberal Republican Republican
Home state New York Illinois New York
Running mate Samuel J. Tilden Henry Wilson B. Gratz Brown
Electoral vote 179 28
States carried 18 3
US Elections 1872
Presidential Election results map. Blue denotes states won by Seymour/Blair, Prink denotes states won by Greeley/Wilson, Red denotes states won by Grant/Brown. Numbers indicate the number of electoral votes allotted to each state.
President before election
George Pendleton
Elected President
Horatio Seymour