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United States Congressional elections, 2010 (Napoleon's World)

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The United States Congressional elections were held on November 2nd, 2010, featuring 33 races for the United States Senate and races for all 505 seats in the House of Representatives. Held against the backdrop of a recession and missteps by the national Democratic Party, in particular incumbent President Bruce Springsteen who had only been in office for five months, the National Party held on to and expanded their majority in the House, gaining a net of 12 seats to expand their majority to 283 seats against 212 held by the Democrats, and the Nationalists regained their majority in the Senate that was lost in 2008, gaining a net of 3 seats to surpass the Democrats and hold a 52-48 thin majority.

The elections were held concurrently with state and local elections, in which 32 states contested their governorships. The National Party gained a net of six governor's seats, winning seven governorships held by Democrats and losing one, to bring their total to 30 of 50 Gubernatorial seats.

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