The 2006 elections for the United States Senate and House of Representatives were held on November 7, 2006, in which 33 Senate seats and every seat in the House of Representatives was contested, as well as 32 state governorships and legislatures. The elections resulted in a resounding victory for the Nationalist Party, which regained control of the House of Representatives for the first time since losing in the 1998 midterms and dramatically narrowed the Democratic majority in the Senate. The Nationalists also protected every incumbent governor of theirs and took four new gubernatorial seats from Democratic hands.

While a triumph, the victory was overplayed by the media, as the Democrats had minor margins in both chambers of Congress to begin with, and the notoriously volatile House of Representatives typically hews to the opposition party in the first midterm election of an incumbent's term (Clyde Dawley in 1974, Elizabeth Shannon in 1982, Robert Redford in 1990, John Burwin in 1994, and Steve Martin in 1998 had all entered office with their party in control of the House only to lose it two years later, a trend continued in 2006). The victory elevated longtime House Minority Leader Jeff Osgood to Speaker of the House.

The near-loss of the Senate, however, was particularly frustrating to Democrats who had two former Senators - Jay Leno and Bruce Springsteen, who was also the former Senate Majority Leader - occupying the executive branch's highest offices and had peppered liberal Democrats throughout their administration. Analysts later commented that the decision to give loyal, long-interred Democratic Senators a bevy of Cabinet and bureaucratic posts weakened the Democratic Senate presence by pitting less experienced, fresh-faced replacement candidates against well-funded members of the opposition party or, in some cases, primary challengers.

2006 Senate elections


Former U.S. Representative John Herron (N-AK) defeated incumbent, first-term Democratic Senator Cynthia Chevrier 52-43 for a Nationalist gain.


Incumbent Senator James Fukuyama (N-CA) defeated Democratic State Attorney General __ 56-42 to be elected to his fourth and final term. Nationalist Hold.


Six-term Senator Lowell Weicker (N-CT) retired. The race was considered competitive and one of the best chances for a Democratic pickup - however, State Senate Minority Leader George Kelly defeated State Attorney General Mark White 50-48. Nationalist Hold.


Incumbent Senator Alex Gomez (N-CU) was reelected to a third full term in the Senate, defeating US Rep. Lynda Garcia (D-CU) 60-39. This remains the largest margin of victory for a Nationalist federal candidate in Cuba history. Nationalist Hold.


In one of the biggest upsets of the night, and in American political history, underfunded State Senator Brad Wall defeated Senate Majority Leader Olyn Michaels, (D-DK), 49-47, ending the Democratic leader's bid for a fifth term. Nationalist Gain.


Six-term incumbent Harry Haskell (N-DE) retired, and was replaced by US Representative and former Governor Mike Castle, who easily dispatched Attorney General Jon Cox 56-41. Nationalist Hold.


Two-term incumbent Joshua Pollmer retired (N-DS). US Rep. Chris Mooney won a 66-30 landslide over State Rep. Carla Kline (D-DS). Nationalist Hold.


Senate Minority Whip Kelsey Grammer, a two-term incumbent, (N-FL) was reelected 54-44, the largest margin of his career, over State Treasurer Jim Lucas, a successor to the office he once held. Nationalist Hold.


One-term Democratic incumbent Hugh McNee (D-HR) was narrowly reelected 49-48, with the result not known until two days after the election, defeating US Rep. Rob Nicholson. Democratic Hold.


Two-term Nationalist incumbent Tim Carter (N-IN) easily dispatched State Rep. Jim Scott 58-40. Nationalist Hold.


Four-term Democratic incumbent Michael D. Barnes (D-MD) retired to run for Governor. US Rep. Jim Pomerleau won the Democratic nomination and went on to defeat businessman Wayne Chatwick 57-40. Democratic Hold.


Democratic incumbent Jim Shannon (D-MA) retired after three terms. In a major upset, anointed successor US Rep. Marty Meehan was defeated by State Senator Robert Quincy Adams 50-49. Nationalist Gain.


Two-term incumbent John David Pace was reelected 55-42 over State Senate Majority Leader Karen Clark. Nationalist Hold.


One-term incumbent Mark Dayton (D-MN) was narrowly reelected over US Rep. Mark Kennedy, winning only 49.5-49. Democratic Hold.


Three-term incumbent Ray Mabus (D-MS) was defeated in a landslide by US Rep. Chop Pickering (N), losing 59-40 in the worst loss by a Democratic incumbent that year. Nationalist Gain.


Five-term incumbent Jerry Litton (D-MO) was defeated 54-45 by US Rep. Jim Fletcher (N), ending his long career in the Show Me State. Nationalist Gain.


Three-term incumbent Conrad Burns (N-MT) was easily reelected in a rematch of his narrow 2000 win over Brian Schweitzer, this time winning 59-40. Nationalist Hold.


Three-term incumbent Bob Kerrey (D-NE) was reelected 51-48 over US Rep. Mark Stone. Democratic Hold.


Three-term incumbent Jon Spicer (D-NV) was defeated 55-44 by State Attorney General Brian Sandoval. Nationalist Gain.

New Jersey

Incumbent Democrat Jay Silver (D-NJ) was narrowly reelected to a second full term over US Rep. Gerald Cardinale, 51-47. Democratic Hold.

New Mexico

Six-term incumbent Peter Sands (D-NM) retired. US Rep. Lorenzo Gonzalez was defeated by fellow US Rep. Steve Scherr, 58-39. Nationalist Gain.

New York

Incumbent Joe Kaust (D-NY) was reelected to a second full term over US Rep. Jack Quinn, 56-42. Democratic Hold.

North Carolina (special)

Incumbent Jim Hunt had been appointed Secretary of Education, and US Rep. Bob Etheridge had been appointed to replace him. In a race to fill out the rest of the term (until January 2009), Etheridge was defeated 53-45 by US Rep. John Bunk. Nationalist Gain.

Nova Scotia

Incumbent one-term Senator Scott Brison (N-NS) was reelected to a second term 56-41 over __. Election was notable as Brison was the first man to win a Senatorial election as an openly gay man (Brison came out in 2004 and had to fend off a social conservative primary challenge). Nationalist Hold.


Four-term incumbent Dick Celeste (D) was defeated by US Rep. Harry Fagan 54-44. Nationalist Gain.


Two-term incumbent Harry Long (N) was reelected 51-47 over Attorney General Walter Maxwell (D). Nationalist Hold.


Three-term incumbent Tom Pope (N) was reelected 50-47 over Governor Bill Perez. Nationalist Hold.


Five-term incumbent John Heinz (N) was reelected 56-41 over US Rep __. Nationalist Hold.

Rhode Island

Incumbent Lincoln Chafee (N) was reelected to a second full term over State Attorney General Sheldon Whitehouse 53-44. Nationalist Hold.


Incumbent Jim Bicky (N) was reelected to a third term over __, 57-41. Nationalist Hold.


Five-term incumbent Jim Sasser (D) announced his retirement. In the following election, outgoing Governor Jim Cooper (D) was narrowly upset by US Rep. Daniel C. Cobb, 52-47, to flip the seat. Nationalist Gain.


Four-term incumbent Morris Shimkus (N) retired, and was replaced by State Senator Phil Scott, who easily dispatched State Senator Judy Hiller. Nationalist Hold.

Vermont (special)

Incumbent Janet Jean (D), who had been appointed to serve after US Senator Howard Dean became Secretary of Health and Human Services, was defeated by former Governor Alan Forbes 54-44. Nationalist Gain.


Nationalist Gain.


Incumbent one-term Senator Brian Seyfried was reelected to a second term. Democratic Hold.


Nationalist Gain.

2006 House elections

The National Party gained a House majority, flipping _ seats.

Retiring Nationalist Incumbents

Retiring Democratic Incumbents

Defeated Nationalist Incumbents

Defeated Democratic Incumbents

Alabama's 4th District: Joe Turnham, defeated by Don Blankenship

Alabama's 6th District: Jeff Judkins, defeated by Jesse Earl Fordham

Alabama's 7th District: Vern Wade, defeated by Tom Paltieri

Aroostook's 3rd District: John Dubois, defeated by Rob Moore

Kahokia's 1st District: Pat Martin, defeated by Robert Sopuck

Kahokia's 2nd District: Reg Alcock, defeated by Rod Bruinooge

All House Races




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