French america


1817- US celebrates as they defeat Britain and force them to give up Upper and Lower Canada. Britain becomes allies with the USA.

1820 - US captures Mexico.

1822- As President Monroe and his cabinet are celebrating the fifth anniversary they see millions upon millions of French soldiers marching to the capital. Monroe is confused. They open fire. The White House had only 951 soldiers there. The French had over approximately 1,291,597 soldiers invading for what reason they didn't know but the battle lasted ten hours before French soldiers killed the last soldier and finally Monroe. They burned the White House and they declared America a French colony.

1824- Riots skyrocket out of control.

1832-1932 - Second American Revolutionary War ends and the Free Republic of America is born with the former US constitution still intact and 4th of July still, too :) only a few tweeks,

President: one ten-year term and may run again if house and the citizens select him or her. He may get four more years - no more. Second, people are picked in a lottery way for vice president, cabinet, senate, and house of lords. People who have a clean record can be voted in the lottery. Everything else in the constitution the same.

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