United States of America
Timeline: Scenario: The Red Sun Rises Again
Flag of the United States Great Seal of the United States (obverse)
Flag Coat of Arms
USA orthographic
Location of United States

"In God We Trust"
"E pluribus unum" (Latin) (de facto) "Out of many, one"

Anthem "Star-Spangeled Banner"
Capital Washington D.C.
Largest city New York
  others Spanish, French, Various Tribal Languages
Government Federal presidential constitutional republic
President Barack Obama
Vice President Joe Biden
Established July 4, 1776
The United States of America (Also Known as the United States or just simply America) is the name of a country located in the Continent of North America. The United States is the world's largest economy and Military Power in the World, It Consists of 50 States with 48 Contigious States and two states located away from the United States, alongside a District and several overseas territories 


Return of the Communist Threat

The News of the outcome of the Russian election caused a shockwave in the already contested 1996 Presidental Election. Bob Dole had won the Primaries, but many saw him as ill-equipped to lead the U.S. Military during a crisis such as this. Colin Powell and James Baker were tossed around as names who could lead the country, but only Bob Dole and Pat Buchannan had any interest in running. Independent Ross Perot had become a wild card, but getting any candidiate to enter the race, at this point. would be foolhardy. Bob Dole reminded people of his past and gained the trust of the Republican Party and was nominated on August 15, 1996. 

Clinton would defeat Dole in a closely contested race. Clinton became a proponent of NATO's expansion overseas, which was opposed by Russia. On May 8, 1997,  the Treaty of Understanding was signed, creating an Alliance-Free Zone in Central Europe.

A New Millennium: September 11th Attacks and Proliferation

On September 11, 2001, The World Trade Center and The Pentagon in Virginia were the targets of a series of Terrorist Attacks by a Group of Islamic Extremists, who believed that the West was on the verge of starting another crusade.

The United States did not respond friendly. Congress authorized the Patriot Act and several other laws, hoping to prevent future incursions. The US also committed billions of dollars in modernizing and rebuilding its nuclear arsenal. President George W. Bush was accused however, of devoting too many resources to building up the US Military and not enough to combat the growing economic problems in the United States. Bush was barely re-elected in 2004 and had begun a massive period of nuclear proliferation, unseen in decades. Russia accused the United States of violating the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, But the U.S. claimed that these actions were in the name of combating terrorism.

In 2008, the U.S. elected Barack Obama, a relatively new politician who had been the Senator from Illinois since 1997. Obama, instantly became a pariah in the eyes of the Republican Party, and a target of Racist and Offensive Jokes and Laws in the United States. Because of the Cold War, and looming economic crisis, Obama was forced to cave into some of his promises. Obama oversaw the creation of a public-option health care service to compete with Privately-Owned Insurance Companies. The President also encouraged American companies like GM and Ford, to bring jobs back to the United States. In 2012, Obama was re-elected by a small margin of voters. Concerns over the Poverty Gap and the Rampant Racism in the South dominated the election. By 2015, Obama was not the voice of the Party he represented. Hilary Clinton and Bernie Sanders had become the two most powerful figures in the Democratic Party, and the two most likely democratic nominees for President. Clinton had been re-elected Senator of New York and Sanders used his influence in Vermont, to help Congress pass laws helping the impoverished, while still maintaining a strong defense policy.


Military Power

The United States is the world's largest Military, spending more than 700 Billion dollars a year on defense alone

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