United States of America
Timeline: Scenario: Something Strange has Happened

OTL equivalent: United States, Canada (except Quebec)
Flag of the United States Great Seal of the United States (obverse)
Flag Coat of Arms

E pluribus unum (Latin) (English)
("Out of Many, One")

Anthem "Star-Spangeled Banner"
(and largest city)
New York
Language English
Government Federal presidential constitutional republic
President George Washington (1st)
Vice President John Adams (1st)
Established July 4, 1776 (Declaration of Independence)
September 3, 1783 (Independence Made Official)
March 18, 1977 (Provisional Government)
March 15, 1980 (Reinstatement)
April 28, 1990 (Reunification)
June 18, 1991 (Annexation of Canada)
January 29, 1992 (Treaty of Mali)
 The United States of America (or simply, the United States) is the name of a country located in North America and is the largest country in the Western Hemisphere By population and the second largest in area. It is bordered by New Spain to the south, Quebec to the north and Russia to the west. Several politicians, including Ted Kennedy, helped lead the way in the Reunification of the country which took almost 20 years.



Nuclear Survival

Most of the United States was crippled by nuclear strikes, and many cities were destroyed. Over the course of two years, much of the country was in hiding and little communication with the outside was recorded. In 1977, the Provisional Government of the United States was established in Boston and the campaign to reunify the country began. New York was reclaimed over the course of two years and was built to sustain the Capital of the United States. In the South, Warlords took control of towns and villages, something which was quickly stopped, as many joined the United States. Ohio warlords raided an abandoned factory in Pittsburgh, causing American troops to respond. In 1981, Ted Kennedy was named President of the United States and began reclaiming the country, which was devastated and destroyed. 

Warlords controlled most of the Country, with the U.S. controlling much of the Northeast, excluding Delmarva, Maryland and Massachusetts. The United States sent troops to seize control of the vital areas and began focusing their campaign westward. By 1986, the northern half of the Country was under American control. The Confederate States began countering the North by forming a similar alliance with Southern power brokers, warlords, gang members, and nationalist organizations. 

In 1991, the Civil War ended and the Confederates surrendered. The same year, the United States made contact with the Mali Empire, who had sent ships to scout the coast for surviving Blacks. Canada was also annexed and Quebec was granted independence. 


In 1992, President Walter Mondale began rebuilding the country. Mondale increased taxes on wealthy Americans to Pre-1969 Rates and began Reinstating New Deal Programs. Universal Health Care was passed that same year, and the Second Bill of Rights, was adopted.

The Mali Empire opened an embassy in New Colombia, and the U.S. opened theirs in Timbuktu. The U.S. also made contact with the United Kingdom and Soviet Union, formally ending the World War and establishing diplomatic ties. 

France was hesitant and the U.S. was concerned about German conquests. The U.S., however, was shifting towards partial isolation and Neutrality. 

Factories and companies were rebuilt across the country. American goods became a staple for the first time in nearly 50 years and the U.S. became the largest economy in the free world. 


The United States is a mixed economy and is the largest economy by GDP and GDP nominal. The U.S. is also the world's largest manufacturer of goods and the largest exporter in the world. The U.S.'s main trading partners are, Mali, New Spain, Britain, and Catalonia. 

Under the Jobs Provision Act, companies that are based in America, must remain in America. Most of the goods manufactured by American companies, are made in America. Outsourcing to Third World Countries, such as Mali or China, has become a prominent problem, and was been addressed by the Senate and Presidency when the U.S. slashed corporate income tax rates to focus on the income of individuals who run the companies. 

The Government owns a variety of enterprises, from transportation to military. In 2001, the defense industry was nationalized, as the production of American weapons, became an inevitability. 

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