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The United States
Timeline: States of America 5 (Map Game)
US flag with 7 stars by Hellerick Great Seal of the United States (obverse)
Flag Seal
United States map
The United States. Green are states, brown are territories. (Outdated)
Capital Washington
Largest city Philadelphia
Other cities Pittsburgh, Harrisburg, Baltimore, Richmond
  others Pennsylvania Dutch
Currency United States Dollar ($)

The United States is currently claiming to be the legitimate successor to the United States of America. It is composed of six states.

Population: More than 2,906,215


  • Republic of New York
  • Federated States of America
  • Republic of the Rio Grande
  • Republic of the Yucatan

Trade Partners:

  • Republic of Virginia
  • Republic of New York
  • Federated States of America
  • Republic of the Rio Grande
  • Republic of the Yucatan

Military (Percentage)

  • 3.7% - More than 101,717 Men-At-Arms

Stability (Nation Algorithm)

  • Urbanization (in past 2 years): +150
  • Resources (in your country): +150 (Lots)
  • Technology: +500 (Best)
  • Territory (Number <#> of states/territories, whole or partial, you control x 5): +6x5=30
  • Alliances (Number <#x5> of Allies): +4x5=20
  • Supplies (Number <#x5> of Trade Partners: +5x5=25
  • Infrastructure: +100 (Great)
  • Total: 980

States in the Union

By order of re-established statehood:

  • Pennsylvania
  • New Sweden
  • Maryland
  • Delaware
  • Erie
  • Ohio
  • Virginia



Coin Denomination Value Obverse Reverse
Half Cent Half Cent $ 0.005
Penny Cent $ 0.01
Double Penny Two Cents $ 0.02
Triple Penny Three Cents $ 0.03
Nickle Five Cents $ 0.05
Dime Ten Cents $ 0.10
Placeholder Twenty Cents $ 0.20
Quarter Dollar Twenty Five Cents $ 0.25
Half Dollar Fifty Cents $ 0.50
Dollar Coin One Dollar $ 1.00
More to come...

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