The United States Of America is a nation in Global Pacification: World at War.

The United States Of America

Flag of the United States

The United States of America, or the USA, are a major allied faction in Global Pacification. The population is roughly 130 million as of May 1939. The countries current president is Franklin D. Roosevelt.

May 1939

Turn 1 : The American economy still had not fully recovered from the great depression, but it was slowly recovering with multiple programs to help the unemployed. The american government decided to make a crackdown on the racial violence that was ongoing in the south of america, by putting multiple laws in place to protect them. As well as this, the american government began opening up multiple positions in the military to decrease unemployment. Finally, the US sent a request to Sweden to open trade.

Turn 2 : The US continues to put a focus onto its economy, creating new jobs in many new fields. The United States accepts the trade request from Portugal. Finally, the US condemns the occupation of Eastern Turkestan and Inner Mongolia by the USSR.

Turn 3 : The US begins to build up industry once more, building factories to produce ammunition, tanks and weaponry, this helps create more jobs for those unemployed. The US government also accept the request to supply the Chinese. Finally, the US begins the construction of an aircraft carrier and two destroyers.

Turn 4 : Skipped

June 1939

Turn 5 : The United States begin to supply Britain and France with weapons and ammunition via the Atlantic ocean in the event of war against them. We also begin to mass produce the M2 Medium Tank and the P40. Also, we accept the request from Saudi Arabia as we wish to remain on good terms with them. Finally, we accept the trade request sent to us by Poland.

Turn 6 : We support Hungary's condemnation of the Italian Invasion Of Yugoslavia. We also accept the Chinese request for trade. As well as this, we ask Australia for trade and wish to have good relations with them. We warn the Japanese to stop attacking the Australians and to give up the Chinese cities they own and are prepared to go to war if they fail to comply. Finally, we build huge industrial areas in the north in states like Michigan, North Dakota and Ohio.

Turn 7 : We commission two South Dakota-class Battleships on the west coast, as well as one Yorktown-class Aircraft carrier. We begin sending escort ships with the supply ships headed to China fitted with AA, to deter Japanese attacks.

Turn 8 : The US decides to come to the aid of Australia and declare war on Japan. Two fleets stationed on the west coast are sent across the pacific, along with 3 aircraft carriers. Three more ships are commissioned, all 3 of them heavy cruisers. We also urge the British to stop their war with Ireland and to instead befriend the Irish. 10 thousand jobs are created in the shipbuilding industry as america enters wartime status and the US military begin large recruitment drives. Finally, we begin to supply the Portuguese with P40s.

July 1939

Turn 9 :

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