United States of America
1776 –
Flag of the United States Great Seal of the United States (obverse)
In God We Trust (official)
E Pluribus Unum (From Many, One; Latin, traditional)
"The Star-Spangled Banner"
Geographical location:
Location of the USA (Silent Heroes)
Location of the United States.
Washington, D.C.
Official languages: None at federal level 1
National language: English (de facto) 2
  - President:
  - Vice President:
  - Speaker of the House:
  - Chief Justice:
Federal Constitutional Republic

  - Declared:
  - Recognized:
  - Current constitution:
From the Kingdom of Great Britain
July 4, 1776
September 3, 1783
June 21, 1788
Area: 9,826,630 km² (3rd/4th)
Population: 305,330,000 (3rd)
  - Total:
  - Per capita:
2007 estimate
$13.543 trillion (1st)
$43,444 (4th)
GDP (nominal):
  - Total:
  - Per capita:
2007 estimate
$13.794 trillion (1st)
$43,594 (11th)
Gini (2006): 47.0
HDI (2005): 0.951 (high) (12th)
Currency: United States dollar ($) (USD "$")
  1. English is the official language of at least 28 states—some sources give a higher figure, based on differing definitions of "official." English and Hawaiian are both official languages in the state of Hawaii.
  2. English is the de facto language of American government and the sole language spoken at home by 82% of Americans age five and older. Spanish is the second most commonly spoken language.

The United States (as well as Britain) managed to survive the war relatively undamaged.



the United States initially tried to remain neutral in WWII. However, after the Japanese attack on the Philippines, the US was drawn into the war. The disastrous defeat at the Battle of the Philippine Sea, in which the entire Pacific fleet was destroyed in a 'Battlewagon' fleet action reminicant of Jutland, forced the United States to reconsider.

Stalemate and cold war

The Bush Years

George H W Bush was elected in 1972 over RFK, with the "failed promise of Camelot" being RFK's legacy as well as fears of a political dynasty building up. Bush also accused Kennedy of being an appeaser, who in turn called him a warmonger. Bush would up the ante of the cold war with the Third Reich and Japanese Empire, trying to outdo them in every way possible (militarily, economically, technologically). He would also use a different tactic: trying to drive a wedge between Germany and Japan while their relations were souring.

The Americans would also give soviet partisans in the Urals new Redeye and later Stinger missiles. When one shipment of these was intercepted, this nearly started world war three, although both sides had the sanity to back down.

These policies were unpopular at home, with the American economy entering recession by 1975. Uralgate (a portmanteau of Urals and Watergate, where reports of shipments were uncovered) nearly got him impeached.

Present Day

Today, America is one of the leading powers on earth, and is on an equal footing with the Greater German Reich in many ways possible (except in space, where the Von Braun Stations are masters of the heavens). Many economists say that it would be the most powerful nation on Earth by 2020, although that is normally said only in cabinet meetings to prevent it being a casus belli for World War 3.

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