History of the United States of America

1865: The Army of the Potomac is bottled up inside Washington DC when CS troops lay siege to the city. Blacks begin to desert the Union armies when it is found out the CSA is offering freedom to slaves if they fight for them.

1866: Washington falls to CS troops ,and is nearly destroyed by the following battle between the ANV and AP, which ends in a Confederate victory, and the US government is taken as prisoners of war and forced to make the Union itself surrende,r and soon the Congress ratifies the Confederate-written Treaty of Richmond.

1867: California is renamed North California. Oregon (which hadn’t yet joined the Union), Washington, Idaho, Montana, North Dakota, and South Dakota join the Union in an attempt to replace the 13 lost states.

1868: The USA follows the Confederacy's lead,and enters a period of self isolation as well, and begins to mend the damages of the War for Southern Independence.

Other: Cuban rebels manage to capture the governor of the iland and his advisors, thanks to secret aid from the Confederacy, and forces him to sign a treaty granting the new Republic of Cuba independence, which is recognized by the CSA, Colombia, and Mexico almost immediately. Mexico, Colombia, and later, the Confederation of Central America, soon force Spain to recognize Cuba’s freedom by threat of war, which the CSA soon joins in on.

1869: The USA purchases Alaska from Russia for a price of 6.3 million dollars.

1870: The Transcontinental Railroad is completed from Philadelphia, Boston, and Portland, Maine, to Sacramento, Portland; Oregon, Seattle, San Francisco. and Olympia. The telegraph line is also completed from these cities.

1871: The USA ends its isolation and bulks up its navy and armed forces.

1872: The United States Armed forces continue to grow rapidly/ as does its navy, and a naval arms race with Briiian begins.


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