The United States of America
US flag 32 stars
Official languages None, English (de facto)
Capital New York City
Largest City New York City
Population 250,000,000
Area 2,590,283 sq mi
Government Federal Republic
Head of State President of the United States- Barack Obama
Head of Government President of the US
Congress of the US
Supreme Court of the US
Independence from the Kingdom of Great Britain: declared 1776, Recognized 1783
Currency US Dollar ($)

The United States of America is a large, powerful country in North America. After losing to the CSA, French and British in the War for Southern Independence in 1864, The US was forced to concede independence to the Confederate States of America and give up the former border states as well as its capital, Washington, DC. The US eventually established close ties with its former rebels and the two became close allies. After WWII and the Cold War, the United States eventually grew to become a major world power and perhaps the strongest country in the world.

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