United States of America
Timeline: 1797
US flag 28 stars
Flag of United States
Location of United States
Capital Washington, D.C.
Largest city New York City
Other cities Chicago, Columbus, Frankfort, Boston, Atlanta, Toronto
Language English
President John Jacobs
Population 180 million 
Independence 1776 (from Britain)
Currency US dollar

The United States of America is a federal republic in eastern North America, its Western boundary largely defined by the Mississippi River. It has one of the largest economies in the world.


See also US Presidents

  • 1776: Independence
  • 1789: Constitution ratified.
  • 1799-1802: War with Britain
  • 1808: Mississippi Treaty with Louisiana resolves disputes over borders, runaway slaves, and river trade.
  • 1817: First peaceful transition of executive power between parties.
  • 1818: Democratic Party formed.


Name Capital city Statehood About
Alabama Natchez 1807


Hartford 1788
Delaware Dover 1787
Florida St. Augustine 1820
Georgia Mildgeville 1788
Indiana Vincennes 1808
Kentucky Frankfort 1792
Maine Augusta 1815
Maryland Annapolis 1788
Massachusetts Boston 1788
Michigan Detroit 1825
New Brunswick Fredericton 1815
New Hampshire Concord 1788
New Jersey Trenton 1787
New York Albany 1788
North Carolina Raleigh 1789
Nova Scotia Halifax 1813
Ohio Columbus 1803
Ontario Toronto 1813
Pennsylvania Harrisburg 1787
Quebec Quebec City 1814
Rhode Island Providence 1790
South Carolina Columbia 1788
Tennessee Nashville 1796
Tiatana Duluth 1860
Vermont Montpelier 1791
Virginia Richmond 1788
Wisconsin Madison 1835

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