Founded in Brazil shortly after the Korean Conflict� (Korean War) of 1950, URSA grew to encompass all South and Central American nations (excluding Uruguay, which was not consolidated until 1973, and Mexico, which was a member of DANAD).

Rising Power

Large oil fields beneath Venezuela (and later discovered in Argentina), allowed the United Republics to quickly grow into a global power. Eventually, after a failed invasion by the Session of East Asian Nations (SEAN), URSA quickly expanded its own military prospects.

Invasion of the North

The Global Recession of� 1998 left URSA struggling to recoup. Millions fled north into Mexico (now the southernmost state of the Decisive Alliance of North American Democracies), most settling on its southern border. After some years, these migrants revolted against the Mexican government for unfair wages. URSA promptly entered the state on a 'policing action'. In truth, these revolts had been planted by the URSAn government in order to initiate a legalized invasion of Mexico, which they then annexed.

Following the Mexican Annexation, URSAn troops moved north into the Administrative States of Aon (formerly the United States of America). This initiated the War of Western Continents.

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