A proposed United Kingdom style sovereign state in which each country will still maintain autonomous powers. The Union of these countries would provide regional co-operation and streamlining for military action, research, trade, industrialization,and exploration. "National" Laws would be created. However, countries could still have stricter laws and enforcement similar to the state-federal relationship of the United States. 

The current goal of this is to eradicate Zombies within the Republics, create an exploratory/militia to push into the northern border of this union and relieve the border countries of Zombies. Other goals may be added at a later time. 


In the year 1973 the Providences of Argentina approved a proposal to create the United Republics of Argentina, Chile and Uruguay. They also approved the same measures as the United Republics of Argentina and Chile, United Republics of Argentina and Uruguay, and approved with reservation the United Republics of Argentina, Brazil, Chile, and Uruguay. The governors in border provinces have campaigned to create a union of these nations.  Ideally these united republics would like to occupy what is known as the Southern Cone or Cono Sur

In this proposal each country is understand as:

Chile - Democratic government of The Republic of Chile

Brazil - the displaced Federative Republic of Brazil

Uruguay - the displaced Oriental Republic of Uruguay 

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