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Marina de Las Repúblicas Unidas
United Republics Naval Force
Timeline: Night of the Living Alternate History (Map Game)
Headquarters: Valprasio, Mar de Plata
Branches: Armed Forces
Active personnel: 400,000
Reserve personnel: 250,000
Deployed: fluxuates
Annual budget: TBA
Founded in: 1974
Reorganized in : 19
Ages qualified for service: 17, 16 with parental permission
Available for service: Population of military age (TBD)
Fit for service: Population of military age fit for military service (TBD)
Reaching age / yr: Population reaching military age per year (TBD)
Conscription law: All males and females
Time of service: 9 months of service (includes civil projects)

Still under construction, numbers pending more research


5 Audacious- class Carriers (British technology, built at home)

3 Falklands  Malvinas - class supercarriers (Upgraded Nimitz class type design)

1 Falklands - class supercarrier 

2 Uruguay Class Assault ships (Iwo Jima equivelent)

1  Clemenceau-class Carrier


7 Belgrano light Cruiser

1 Kynda-Class Cruiser (Russian)

1 Kresta I-Class Cruiser (Russian)

3 Kresta II-Class Cruiser (Russian)

6 Sverdlov-Class Cruisers (Russian)


54 Almirante Brown Upgraded-Class Destroyers

1 Type-42 Destroyer (British) Re-upgraded with newer tech

7 Kashin-Class Destroyer (Russian) Re-upgraded with newer tech

4 Kildin-Class Destroyer (Russian)   Re-upgraded with newer tech


21 Santa Cruz-Class Submarines

13 Salta-Class Submarines

Various Patrol and Icebreakers

32 Icebreakrs

23 Antartida Class Patrol Ships

72 Patrol Ships