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Divisions and Enlistment amounts

United Republics Armed Forces 

Numbers incorrect as of 1990.50, under construction, total military one million, 750,000 active (200,000 Naval), 250,000 reserves. and additional air support.

Andean Army 

30,000 men and 5,000 tanks and other vehicles 

River da Plata Army

25,000 soldiers and their vehicles 

UR Uruguay Defense Force

15,000 soldiers and defense forces

UR Chilean Defense Force

10,000 soldiers

UR Paraguay Defense Force

15,000 soldiers and militia and their vehicles

UR Brazil Defense Force

20,000 soldiers and militia 

UR Special Forces 

50,000 specially trained forces, air support, and vehicles

UR Invasion Specialists

30,000 specially trained forces, air support, and vehicles

UR Police Forces

15,000 police trained forces to secure and defend citizens, and their gear

United Republics Naval Forces

48 Almirante Brown Upgraded-Class Destroyers

1 Type-42 Destroyer (British)

15 Santa Cruz-Class Submarines

11 Salta-Class Submarines

5 Belgrano light Cruzier

4 Audacious- class Carriers (British technology, built at home)

2 Falklands  Malvinas - class supercarriers

1 Falklands - class supercarrier

32 Icebreakrs

19 Antartida Class Patrol Ships

66 Patrol Ships

1 Kynda-Class Cruiser (Russian)

1 Kresta I-Class Cruiser (Russian)

3 Kresta II-Class Cruiser (Russian)

7 Kashin-Class Destroyer (Russian)

4 Kildin-Class Destroyer (Russian)

6 Sverdlov-Class Cruisers (Russian)

250,000 Shipmen