United Republicans
사람들천국의 연합 공화국
United Republicans

Sakura Yangcheng KuviraLaghima Asami Saito closeup
Sakura Yangcheng - Kuvira Laghima - Asami Saito Itō Hirobumi Kenji Shinohara Jinora Zangpo
Sejin Lee - Kenji Shinohara - Jinora Zangpo DJ Qin Shi Huang Shen Liao ShangguanChao
DJ Qin Shi Huang - Shen Liao - Shangguan Chao

Dami Im Lin Sheng Caspian Virtanis2
Dami Im - Lady Ladington - Caspian Virtanis
Total population
Regions with significant populations
FlagoftheUnitedRepublic United Republic 600,000,123
ChinaYinYangZhouFlag China 2,100,047
Chinese, English, Japanese, Korean, others
Mainly none, minority Buddhism, Christianity, Taoism, Confucianism and others
 United Republicans, sometimes Tiangongians, colloquially called "Unities" are the citizens of the United Republic of Tiangong.

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