United Republic presidential election, 2012
2008 ←
18 December 2012 → 2016

  Asami Saito closeup Sang-jung Han Wang Shaojing
Candidate Asami Saito Sang-jung Han Wang Shaojing
Party Independent Liberal Party The Democrats
Home state Republic City Tokyo Vaozu
Running mate Caspian Virtanis Tai Jinping Han Ganling
Percentage 41% 36% 13%
Two party-preferred 206,310,000 (52.9%) 183,690,000 (47.1%) -

  Jinora Zangpo
Candidate Jinora Zangpo
Party Independent
Home state Shenyang
Running mate Denise Knight
Percentage 9%
Two party-preferred -

President before election

Wang Shaojing

Elected President

Asami Saito

The United Republic of Tiangong presidential election of 2012 took place on 18 December 2012.

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