United Republic presidential election, 1989
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5 October 1989 → None
(Earth Empire declared)

  KuviraLaghima C1e1a70f4dea2c0cd2726689328f1516--gray-hairstyles-brown-hair
Candidate Kuvira Laghima Sandra Ascalon
Party Independent The Democrats
Home state Republic City Tsenzao
Running mate Senna Zenglai Li Ganzhai
Popular vote 380,988,000 42,750,000
Percentage 89.12% 10,02%

President before election

Sorghaghtani Bolormaa
Liberal Party

Elected President

Kuvira Laghima

The United Republic of Tiangong presidential election of 1989 took place on 5 October 1989, following the unexpected death of Incumbent president Sorghaghtani Bolormaa. The election was the largest election landslide in world history.