United Republic presidential election, 1989
1986 ←
5 October 1989 → None
(Earth Empire declared)

  KuviraLaghima Sandra Ascalon
Candidate Kuvira Laghima Sandra Ascalon
Party Independent The Democrats
Home state Republic City Gongzhu
Running mate Senna Zenglai Li Ganzhai
Popular vote 380,988,000 42,750,000
Percentage 89.12% 10,02%

President before election

Sorghaghtani Bolormaa
Liberal Party

Elected President

Kuvira Laghima

The United Republic of Tiangong presidential election of 1989 took place on 5 October 1989, following the unexpected death of Incumbent president Sorghaghtani Bolormaa. The election was the largest election landslide in world history.

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