United Republic of Virginia
Timeline: 13 Fallen Stars
Preceded by 1861 — 1863 Succeeded by
Flag of Virginia (13 Fallen Stars) Flag of Virginia (13 Fallen Stars)
Flag of the United Republic of Virginia (13 Fallen Stars) Seal of the Confederate States of America
Flag Seal

Deo Vindice (Latin)
("Under God, our Vindicator")

Capital: Richmond (constitutional)
Petersburg (1861-1863)
Danville (1863)
Language: English
Religion: Baptist
Type of government: Federal presidential republic
  government: Congress
Currency: Dollar

The United Republic of Virginia (URV), also known as the United Republic, was a government set up by several pro-slavery counties in southern Virginia between 1861 until dissolving in 1863. The government was established in response to the election of Abraham Lincoln, and proclaimed themselves to be the rightful government of Virginia. The establishment of the United Republic of Virginia was one of the sparks that lead to the Virginian Civil War. The only President of the United Republic was Thomas S. Bocock.

Among the unique features of the United Republic was the preservation of slavery within Virginia and the restructuring of Virginia into a federation of sovereign states. The United Republic ceased to exist in 1863, shortly after the surrender of the United Republican army weeks earlier.


The United Republic of Virginia was historically noted for attempting to restructure Virginia into a federation of states. By the 1860s, regionalism was becoming a noted issue within Virginia, and is commonly sited as a major factor in the election of Abraham Lincoln in 1860. Many of the early founders favored a federation, due also in part to the varying pockets of counties which supported the new government.

While it was proclaimed that several regional states could be established within Virginia, only three state governments were established: Appomattox, Chesapeake, and Transylvania. Despite attempts to put this new federation into practice, the short duration of the United Republic prevented this aspect from taking shape.
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