United Republic of Iraq and Mesopotamia
No flag No coa
Flag Coat of Arms

Death to the infidels

In'a'al mayteen ehlak (Arabic)

Capital Basra (Hussein admin, de jure), Abu Al Khasib (Hussein admin, de facto)

Umm Qasr (al-Qurati admin)

Largest city Basra
Other cities Abadan, Umm Qasr
Language Arabic
Religion Islam
Demonym Meso-Iraqi?
Government Rebel Ba'athist group under de-facto military control
Governer Jamil Hussein (Basra)

Hafiz al-Qurati (Umm Qasr)

Deputy Governer Muhammad al-Jafar (Basra)
Established August 1st 2014 (proclamation by Hafiz al-Qurati)
Currency Iraqi dinar

URIM dinar (planned)

The United Republic of Iraq and Mesopotamia, commonly referred to as URIM or Iraq and Mesopotamia, is a rebel Ba'athist organisation in Southern Iraq, which is currently fighting to revive the Ba'athist state in Iraq, and also install one in Kuwait, which it plans on integrating into their nation as soon as the war is done. The group has its roots from the old Ba'athist regime of Saddam Hussein, which was toppled following a US-led invasion from the west in 2003. Subsequently, following an initial civil war in 2006 and the withdrawal of US troops in 2011 (and their re-establishment in the region following the rise of ISIS in 2014), the group began making gains under a talented neo-Ba'athist soldier by the name of Hafiz al-Qurati. The city of Basra fell to these neo-Ba'athists in July 2014, and subsequently, al-Qurati proclaimed a Ba'athist state in Southern Iraq, which was named "the United Republic of Iraq and Mesopotamia". It is a major belligerent in the Second Iraqi Civil War, which is ongoing. As well as fighting the Iraqis, there is also infighting in the URIM as well, between former leader Hafiz al-Qurati, and current Governer, General Jamil Hussein, who seized power in a coup of redemption against al-Qurati's less capable replacement, Abdul Abdullah-al-Ifizi, in April 2015. There had previously been a coup of power in December 2014 against al-Qurati, though this was reversed by early January 2015, only for al-Qurati to leave two months later following an assassination attempt.




First coup

Gradual decline

Flight of al-Qurati

Second coup


Civil war

Current status


See also

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