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Kanaka Maoli flag

The original Hawaiian flag, adopted by the URH.

United Republic of Hawai'i== The United Republic of Hawai'i (URH) is a self-serving country formed on February 11, 1984, consisting of the Hawaiian islands, excluding Kaua'i and Ni'ihau. As Hawai'i descended into chaos following the doomsday events, a new order was established, Hawaii becoming an independent free state and completely disjointing from the US. Adopting the flag of the original Hawaiian Kingdom, the Republic rose to become one of the leading survivor colonies of the pacific.

Pre-URH (Doomsday)

On Doomsday, 9/26/83, Hawaii was hit with twelve missiles, four on Hilo, four on Kahului and four on Honolulu. Over 2/3 of the population of Hawaii died in the attack, with 1/3 remaining. As a trading route for the US, the destruction of Hawaii was strategically critical. Governor George Ariyoshi was killed in the Hilo explosion, and the government dissolved, resulting in a riot in the streets of Honolulu after the attack ended. Most of the citizens hunkered down to 'ride out the storm' as it was called.


On October 19, 1983, the surviving third traveled, by boats, to Hilo, where order was being restored. Within four months, they had done just that; that established a government, with D.G. Anderson, Frank Fasi, and John D. Waihee III as the three main presidential officials. On February 16, 1984, the URH is officially declared as a free country over the airwaves. As a result many survivors from Japan and Australia flock to Hawaii to meet with other survivors.

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