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Republic of Canada
République du Canada

Timeline: Russian America
Preceded by 1837-1842 Succeeded by
Flag of the United Kingdom
Flag of the United Kingdom
Flag of the Patriote movement (Lower Canada)
Flag of the United States
Flag of the Republic of Canada
Capital: Navy Island (1837-1838)
Niagara Falls (1838-1840)
Montreal (1840-1842)
Currency: Canadian pound

The United Republic of Canada (French: République-Unie du Canada) is a modern day term used to describe the first government of the Republic of Canada, which then included the the US states of Ontario and Superior. The republic was established in December 1837 by former Toronto mayor William Lyon Mackenzie, and declared the unification of Lower and Upper Canada as an independent nation from the United Kingdom. No nation would recognize the independence of the two Canadas until 1841, but would gain strong support from the United States. After the end of the Canadian Revolution, the republic would remain an independent nation until the two states peacefully agree to dissolve between east and west. Western Canada is later annexed by the United States, while the east remains an independent nation know as the Republic of Canada.

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