The Great Assaults

The Year 2010 the USA officially claims victory over Mexico after only one year of low intensity fighting the US controls Mexico and gives a quarter of it to Texas making it the largest state. Then the turn the rest into 25 small states. And deporting all hispanics to those states. Then Canada declares war on the United States. The US responds with a three month long round the clock hyper bombing of Canada forcing it into surrender. Greenland begs to join in the annexation of the Canadian provinces. The US agrees and then splits the former nations of Canada and Greenland into 65 states effectively giving the US 140 states. And making the largest nation on Earth. Then the Peoples Republic of the Caribbean Islands declared war on the USA which followed the declaration with and immediate ten day war campaign taking all the land and turning it into ten states. Then they agree to annex the rest of North America creating five states of that. NATO horrified by this then thinks this was done in retalliation the UN is also seeing it as not a horrible thing. Then the countries of South America attack the USNA (United States of North America) state of Bleziago.

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